Chelsea Conrad

Gratefull is a city-wide Thanksgiving potluck that takes place at one long table in the middle of a city street, bringing people from difference backgrounds together over a meal. In 2014 my coworkers at Causeway and I came up with the idea after noticing the demographic divide on either side of MLK Boulevard in downtown Chattanooga. Causeway has hosted the event for the last five years, with 1700 people in attendance this year.

In 2018 we rebranded the event from One Table to Gratefull so that it could be replicated in other cities. I designed and implemented the brand, and collaborated with 26 Tools on the renaming. I wrote and designed a replication guide that led to three other cities in the southeast hosting Gratefull, with plans for more next year.

Gratefull Chattanooga

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Gratefull 2018 FINALS-124.jpg

Photography by Our Ampersand Photography


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